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45 Connector and Achieve Multi-frequency Speeds

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  • 45 Connector and Achieve Multi-frequency Speeds

    Charge other devices Yes, we can also use our router to charge mobiles and other devices . The USB port works the same as any other we have on other computers. We just connect the device with a USB cable and if it is compatible, it can charge devices. Nowadays, it is very common to have many gadgets at home connected via USB port. We don't always have a charger or plug available. So using the free port we have on the router can be very interesting.

    You can even place a USB fan there that can cool the device if necessary. No doubt, we have a number of options in this regard that can be useful for users. Update the router Another use of the router's USB ports is to update its firmware . We Buy Email Database already know the importance of constantly updating this type of equipment. We must add all available security patches and updates and leave no door open for potential attackers. Install alternative firmware Some devices allow you to install an alternative firmware to the one that came from the factory.

    In this way, we can have a wide range of possibilities because we can use new functions and features. You can also improve performance and security when connecting computers. There are different options when it comes to alternative firmware. The ideal would be to install one that has support open source and allows us to configure it as we wish. This gives us more freedom if we want to modify certain functions of the device and make the most of the resources it has.‚Äč