The strengths that should not be missing in a blog is that the content that is written is focused on your audience, so you must establish a writing style and a level of difficulty appropriate to them. The vast majority of blogs are informative, although you can find blogs with content whose intention is the purchase of a product or service. You should not miss the images or videos that strengthen the words you are writing, to provide more information to the user. The social buttons to share the content and a comment section so that the reader can give you their point of view, are other options that should not be missing in a blog.

Example of blog type website as you can see, has a blog section where it talks about tricks, tutorials and comparisons that help the user to find out about a topic related to their line of business email database and thus be able to educate them so that they are ready to buy. blog type website example 3) Educational type web page Educational websites are usually isolated from any link to a brand or company and their functionality is to teach. Although these types of websites are not linked to a brand, there can always be a collaboration with one that is related to the theme of the site or website.

Characteristics of an educational web page These are usually web pages dedicated to tutorial content, how to do something step by step … that are of interest to readers. The article has to be well structured and if it is accompanied by images or videos that reinforce the information in the text, much better. The comments section cannot be missing, so that you can help your community to solve their doubts or even for them to exchange information related to the topic at hand.