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How to learn Quranic Arabic

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  • How to learn Quranic Arabic

    learn arabic quran onlineIf you learn Arabic from the Holy Quran, it won't be easy at all. Before you learn some rules.

    And words and you can read alone so you can save

    If you set a quadrennial limit of at least one hour to read, listen to and learn Arabic with time, you will find that you have enough results and then you can start learning the Quran easily.

    Before you start learning the Qur 'an, you must find a translated source of the Holy Koran to understand the meaning and ability to absorb

    You can find this through documented references, videos or articles

    Choose the right way for you and begin to understand the meaning

    1- Start with Noorani Qaida:

    It is a book dedicated to and small for children

    Start establishing and learning with them to combine letters and compose words and you can use whatever age you are in knowing the Arabic language rules

    For more about learning Arabic to save the Holy Quran