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    he Holy Quran is God's book that contains many meanings and valuable lessons that benefit man in his daily life. However, reading the Holy Koran in the right way (by intonation) is very important because it ensures that letters and words are pronounced correctly and without mistakes. In order to help people learn intonation in an easy and effective way, the site of the Holy Koran Online was launched by intonation. The site gives users the opportunity to learn to upgrade correctly and effectively through live online lessons. This site has many advantages, including: 1- Free lessons: The site provides free tutorials for users, helping them learn to upgrade without having to pay any fees. 2. Large Library: The library of this site contains many useful lessons about intonation, as well as full-fledged museums that users can use to learn to read the Holy Koran correctly. 3. Available Application: The Koran Online App is available for users who prefer to use the smartphone or tablet in learning the intonation. The app can be downloaded on devices running IOS and Android. Qualified teachers: The site has a team of qualified teachers who use the correct curriculum to teach upgrading. These teachers use modern methods of teaching intonation, making the learning process more effective and easy. 5- Technical support available: The site is available on a 24/7 technical support team to answer any questions or queries that may confront users. In addition to all these advantages, the Holy Quran Online is a great location learn quranic arabic online learn quran with tajweed online tajweed classes tajweed classes tajweed for kids al quran online with tajweed