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    The Koran's e-lessons have increasingly begun to emerge in recent years, targeting children and adolescents who want to learn and memorize the Holy Koran. These lessons have many advantages, such as:

    Flexibility: Children can attend lessons at any time that suits them, from anywhere in the world. The flexible schedule also allows them to learn the Qur 'an without affecting their daily school schedule.

    Direct education: The online lesson provides children with an opportunity to communicate directly with qualified teachers, who can help them understand and memorize the notions of the Holy Koran correctly.

    Saving: E-lesson costs reduce children's need to move to private schools or educational centres, saving money and time.

    Educational sources: The e-lesson is based on comprehensive teaching materials including text, audio, and video, helping children to better understand the Koran.

    Interactive learning: The e-lesson also provides children with an opportunity to interact with the teacher and other students in the classroom, motivating them to learn and progress in their studies.

    For parents who wish to enroll their children in Koranic e-courses, they must look for reliable and reputable schools and educational institutions in this area. It must also be ensured that teachers have sufficient experience and knowledge to teach the Koran in an effective and correct manner.

    Finally, the electronic lessons of the Holy Koran are arguably an excellent choice for children and young people who want to learn the Koran in an easy and effective way.

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